Patient Journey

Your patient journey begins here. If you have been referred by your dentist or you are a self-referal and have decided to have your teeth straightened here is some information about what to expect.

Before your appointment

  • When your dentist refers you for an appointment with Giffnock Orthodontic Centre we will strive to provide you with one as soon as possible
  • We will send you a letter to arrange the appointment. We will also send you a practice brochure which will tell you about who we are and what we do along with a map and directions to find us

During your appointment

We will carry out a FREE full clinical examination of your mouth which can include:

  • Taking all necessary radiographs and scans
  • A full Orthodontic assessment
  • Present you with all of the treatment options available and timescales necessary
  • Give you a comprehensive quote in advance so you know all costs involved

Following your appointment

  • We will send you/your dentist a full report outlining our recommended treatment plan
  • We will keep you and your dentist informed at every stage of orthodontic treament. You will be requested to continue all routine dental checkups with your dentist
  • When your Orthodontic treatment is completed you will be referred back to your dentist for on-going maintenance to keep your new smile healthy
Giffnock Orthodontic Centre Waiting Room

Do you have any questions about your orthodontic treatment? Take a look at our braces FAQ section or contact us on 0141 638 4150