Please note that the way we request and collect your online screening and medical forms has changed. Instead of downloading from our website to fill these out, you will instead be sent a link with your text reminder. Please read below for a step to step guide how to complete these;

You should receive your text reminder the day before your appointment.


IMG 4959



Please follow the link and when prompted fill out your, or if you are not the patient then the patients, first name, surname and date of birth to access these. If these do not match it may mean that we have the incorrect spelling or date of birth so please check this with us.


IMG 4960


There will be links to click to check or fill out your details, medical history and/or covid screening form. These are then submitted and are automatically uploaded to your record with us.


IMG 4961IMG 4962





We hope you will find this system easier to use, it is quicker and more secure. If you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact the practice on 0141 638 4150 or email us.