Duty of Candour

Duty of candour annual report for financial year 2018/2019

To fulfil our duty of candour responsibilities, this report describes the unintended or unexpected incidents that occurred at our orthodontic practice during the last year.
Practice:                         Giffnock Orthodontic Centre
Responsible person:    Dr Yas Aljubouri
Date of report:               30/04/2019

Aims and objectives of the practice

The aims and objectives of our practice are:

  1. To provide a highest level of specialist orthodontic services to all of our patients (adults, children, NHS & Private) as well as to all our referring dentists.
  2. To provide our services in an ethical and safe environment under the strict governance of local and national rules and closely adhering to GDC scope of practice and regulations.

Duty of candour responsibilities

The staff at the practice have held team meetings to discuss our duty of candour responsibilities should an unintended or unexpected incident occur. All team members are aware of and understands the practice adverse incident (duty of candour) protocol, which describes what to do when something goes wrong.  The protocol identifies that both the practice manager and practice principal must be notified of all incidents and near misses and can therefore conduct an investigation, if necessary.

Unexpected or unintended incidents

The following unexpected or unintended incidents occurred between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. These incidents do not include those relating to a patient’s illness or underlying condition.

  • Wrong site extraction (or similar where the incident changed the person’s body): 0 times
  • Long-term pain of 28 days or more (for example, prolonged pain following an extraction): 0 times
  • Permanent lessening of bodily, sensory, motor, physiologic or intellectual functions: 0 times
  • A person’s treatment increased: 0 times
  • A person died: 0 times
  • A person’s life expectancy shortened: 0 times
  • A person’s sensory, motor or intellectual functions was impaired for 28 days of more: 0 times
  • A person needed health treatment to prevent them dying: 0 times
  • A person needed health treatment to prevent other injuries listed above: 0 times

The total number of unexpected or unintended incidents was: 0

Action Taken

The practice will always continue to aim to having zero unexpected or unintended incidents.

The staff at the practice will continue to hold regular periodic meetings so that all team members will continue to learn & reflect from each other experiences   and to continue to meet the aims and objectives of our practice duty of candour.

The practice will also review its procedures and protocols regularly and will make any necessary improvement and changes (when needed) to ensure that we do our best to avoid and prevent any such incidents.


Dr Yas Aljubouri