Treatment Options

At Giffnock Orthodontic Centre we see patients who are referred from their dentist as well as patients who call us directly to be seen for an appointment. We see both NHS and Private patients, children and adults and consultations are free. We have no waiting list, so you are usually seen for your consultation in a few weeks. There are reserved spaces for our private consultations to ensure you are seen quickly and are given priority.

NHS Treatment Options

Under the NHS we can only offer patients metal braces. NHS treatment can be offered to children and adults who meet the criteria. It is an application system, so once we establish that you are a suitable candidate and that you are happy with the treatment plan, we will take any necessary records and submit this to the NHS to request funding. Once received their decision making process may take a few months. Unfortunately, once the application is with the NHS we are unable to chase or speed this up, there is only one office for Scotland who deals with orthodontic approvals, so this system is the same for every practice in Scotland. As soon as we hear from them, we will contact you to advise of the outcome.

If approved, we will email you a consent form and book your next appointment to start the treatment. If you are exempt from NHS charges you will not pay anything for your treatment, if you are an NHS paying patient you will pay the maximum NHS charge which is £384. If declined, we can speak to you about private treatment options.

Equally if you would prefer to start treatment immediately and do not want to wait for the NHS application, we can offer you private treatment. You cannot however change this to NHS treatment later, even if you were approved for NHS treatment. Treatment must be solely NHS or Private and can not be mixed.

Private Treatment Options

Private patients may be offered a range of braces that are suitable for their specific case. You can then choose whichever brace you prefer, your orthodontist or treatment co-ordinator can help you decide if you are unsure of the differences and what may suit your lifestyle best. Once you have decided which brace you would like to go ahead with, and you are happy with the treatment plan provided by your orthodontist, we will take any necessary records and sign a consent form with you outlining your treatment. The next appointment after this will be to have your braces fitted. This process can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending on you and your orthodontists availability.

Full treatment pricing and payment plan options are available on our Fees page or can be discussed with your Treatment Coordinator at your appointment. For information on the different types of braces available have a look at our metal, clear, lingual or Invisalign pages.