With Invisalign there is no brackets or wires, and they are not fixed to your teeth the same way our other braces are. The way Invisalign works is using a series of clear plastic aligners. You wear these aligners all the time except for eating, drinking anything except water and brushing. Depending on how mild or complex your case is will determine how many sets of aligners are required. You could have anywhere from 7 to 30, for example.

At your consultation we can use our Invisalign iTero scanner to take a digital scan of your teeth and show you a simulation of your expected end result. This means you can see what your teeth will look like after treatment, we can also email you a copy to show others or help you decide if orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Should you decide to proceed with Invisalign there is no need to return to us after your consultation. We can send your scan to Invisalign and start the process immediately. Once your orthodontist has submitted your treatment plan and records to Invisalign they will create your custom Clincheck. Similar to the outcome simulator we showed you, but more accurate, this is a virtual image of your teeth in their current position, the stages and position after each aligner and the final result. Your orthodontist may liaise a few times with Invisalign until they are happy with the end result. We will then email this to you to ensure you are happy with the end result, and advise you how many aligners you will have and you will be able to see where your attachments will be placed. Attachments are very small dots placed onto your teeth to help the aligner straighten some of the more displaced teeth. We use the same material used for white fillings so they will blend with your teeth. Once you approve your Clincheck we will ask Invisalign to start to manufacture your aligners and book you in to have these fitted.

At your Invisalign fit appointment we will place the attachments and give you the first couple of sets of aligners to take away. We will give you your Invisalign starter kit containing your mirrored case to hold your Invisalign and some cleaning crystals to keep them clean. We will give you full instructions and show you how to take the aligners in and out. You will usually wear each set of aligners for 2 weeks at a time and we will give you a few sets away at each appointment, meaning less frequent visits to the practice.

We are an Invisalign provider, meaning our orthodontists have undergone the specific training course provided by Invisalign enabling them to carry out this treatment. There are other types of clear aligners, but we only use Invisalign which has been used to treat over 10 million cases worldwide.

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