Clear / White Braces

Clear/white braces are similar to metal braces as t they are also fixed to the teeth with a special adhesive and consist of brackets and wires. The end result of the metal and clear braces will be the same.

Clear braces are made from tooth-coloured ceramic, as opposed to metal braces which are silver. We will also give you a wire which is coated with a white finish to blend in with the brackets and the colour of your teeth. The difference in the two types of braces is purely aesthetic, making it a great option for people who may feel too self-conscious to wear metal braces.

We use small elastics that are clear in colour to go around the white brackets, so every element of this brace is less visible than the metal brace. The clear elastics may discolour with certain foods or drinks, such as curry, black coffee or red wine, but these are changed at every visit to keep them fresh and clear. These are a popular choice of brace for anyone looking for a more discreet alternative to the fixed metal braces.

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